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US Navy awards $48 mln contract to Northrop Grumman

A file photo of amphibious assault ship USS Essex and the Military Sealift Command fleet replenishment oiler USNS Pecos. Photo: US Navy.

PASCAGOULA, MISSISSIPPI (BNS): The US Navy has awarded $48 million worth contract to Northrop Grumman for the advance procurement of long-lead materials and performance of engineering and planning efforts for LHA 7, the second in the Navy's newest class of large-deck amphibious assault ships.

The first ship, America (LHA 6) is being built in Pascagoula.

According to this contract, the company will be involved in providing additional engineering, planning and technical support. The work will be performed at the company's Pascagoula facility.

"These large deck ships are important to the US Navy's fleet and our team is committed to quality builds. The advance procurement allows our focus to remain on our supply chain management and design development as we prepare for the eventual construction of the ship," Kevin Jarvis, program manager for large deck programs, was quoted as saying in the company news release.

LHA 7 will be 844 feet long and 106 feet wide and weigh 44,854 tonnes. Its hybrid propulsion system will drive it to speeds in excess of 22 knots on its gas turbines, but also will run cost-efficiently on its auxiliary electric propulsion motors. It will accommodate 1204 crew and can surge to accommodate 1,871 troops.

LHA 7 will have an extended hangar deck with two higher hangar bay areas, each fitted with an overhead crane for aircraft maintenance. The ship will also provide increased aviation fuel capacity, stowage for aviation parts and support equipment. In addition, LHA 7 will be able to embark and launch the MV-22 Osprey tilt-rotor aircraft, cargo and attack helicopters, and the short take-off vertical landing (STOVL) variant F-35B Lightning II Strike Fighter.

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