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US Navy awards $18 mln contract to BAE systems

BAE Systemsí Modular Gunner Protection System. Photo: BAE

LOUISVILLE (BNS): US Navy has awarded $18 million contract to BAE Systems for the delivery of 519 Marine Corps Gunner Protection Systems for the Medium Tactical Vehicle Replacement and the High Mobility Multi-Wheel Vehicle (HMMWV).

The Marine Corps Gunner Protection System (MGPS) is also known as the Marine Corps Transparent Armored Gun Shield (MCTAGS) system.

“Our tested and proven gunner protection system not only protects our war-fighters from harm, but it also gives them enhanced situational awareness on the battlefield,” Robert Houston, vice president of Readiness and Sustainment at BAE Systems, said.

“While the US Marine Corps has been the dominant user of the gun protection system capability, the US Army and US Navy have also used the systems in combat and experienced positive results,” he added.

The Medium Tactical Vehicle Replacement will receive 135 gun protection systems and the HMMWV will receive 384.

The gunner protection system kits further enhance survivability by providing improved target acquisition capability and protection from small arms fire and improvised explosive device (IED) fragments.

The company has scheduled the delivery of the kits by the end of 2011 and the kits will be assembled at the BAE Systems facility in Louisville, Kentucky, Ohio.


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