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US, Indian troops take part in 'Yudh Abhyas' exercise

NEW DELHI (PTI): Over 200 troops of the US Army along with their armoured vehicles will engage an equal number of Indian troops in military drills in Rajasthan deserts during the two-week exercise starting next Monday.

During the 'Yudh Abhyas' exercise, the American troops will also get a "colourful experience" of Holi as part of the cultural exchange between the two sides, Army officials said.

An advance group of about 30 US military personnel, along with a platoon of Stryker Recon, Armoured Personnel Carriers and support equipment landed here Monday, they said.

The rest of the contingent comprising another 170 personnel is expected to arrive within few days and move towards the field firing ranges in Mahajan in Rajasthan.

"The US troops are from the 2nd Squadron, 14th Cavalry Regiment, 25th Infantry Division, US Army Pacific, Hawaii.

They will commence training immediately on arrival with Indian troops," Army spokesperson Colonel Jagdeep Dahiya said.

He said the exercise is designed to promote cooperation between the two militaries at the tactical level, while sharing training procedures and building joint operating skills, within the framework of UN peacekeeping operations.

During the exercise, troops from both nations will engage in joint planning for a variety of missions including live fire drills, cordon and search operations and search and rescue training.


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