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UK's armed forces to receive 200 patrol vehicles

The Foxhound is designed to give troops more protection against roadside bombs. Photo: Andy Perryman, Crown Copyright/MOD 2010.

LONDON (BNS): The Ministry of Defence, UK (UK MoD) has signed a £180 million contract with Force Protection Europe (FPE) for the procurement of 200 new patrol vehicles.

These next generations of light protected patrol vehicles will replace the Snatch Land Rover.

The Foxhound, partly designed by Formula 1 engineers, has a V-shaped armoured hull designed to safeguard those inside from roadside bombs.

Light and agile, the vehicle allows troops to carry out a wide range of tasks in environments that may restrict larger, heavier vehicles - for example, moving with ease through narrow alleyways or crossing bridges.

"I'm delighted that this important contract has been signed - it shows the real progress that's being made to ensure our front line troops are able to use these versatile and highly protected vehicles as soon as possible," Peter Luff, Minister for Defence Equipment, Support and Technology, was quoted as saying in an UK MoD news release.

The first vehicles are expected to be available to troops for training in 2011, and will add to the wide array of protected vehicles already being used on operations in Afghanistan, including Mastiff and Ridgback.

The vehicles have been renamed Foxhound by the UK MoD.


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