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UK sets out plan for successor nuclear deterrent submarines

Vanguard class submarine

LONDON (BNS): UK has decided to design a new class of submarines that will provide it nuclear deterrence well into the 2060s.

The Ministry of Defence in a statement said, the approval of this early phase of design – known as Initial Gate - ensures that while the main build decision for the submarines will not be taken until 2016, more detailed design work will be undertaken and long-lead items ordered so that the first submarine is delivered in 2028.

Defence Secretary William Fox said the new submarines will replace the existing Vanguard class of nuke submarines.

“The continuous at sea deterrent is the ultimate guarantee of our national security and for the past 42 years the Royal Navy has operated continuous patrols to ensure just that."

"We do not know how the international environment will change over the next 50 years and we cannot dismiss the possibility that a direct nuclear threat to the UK might emerge."

"It is simply not the right time to unilaterally give this capability up. This programme of great national importance will also secure the future of one of Britain’s major manufacturing sectors," he was quoted as saying.

The MoD’s Director Submarines, Rear Admiral Simon Lister, said “While the Pressurised Water Reactor used in our existing submarines is a robust, highly controlled system that meets our stringent safety standards, the new Pressurised Water Reactor 3 will deliver further improvements such as ease of operation and lower costs over its extended life.”


UK  Submarine  

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