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UK Navy's last Type 42 destroyer set to be decommissioned

HMS York. A UK Navy photo

PORTSMOUTH (BNS): HMS York, the British Royal Navy's last Type 42 destroyer, is getting ready to be decommissioned from service on September 27.

The warship was launched in June 1982 and joined the Royal Navy fleet in 1985. Its first deployment was to the far-east in 1986-87.

The destroyer was sent on operations to the Gulf four times in the 1990s and saw frontline action in 2003 when it provided air cover to aircraft carrier HMS Ark Royal during the invasion of Iraq.

During its 27-year service, it has clocked up 750,000 miles protecting the nation's interests across the globe, according to the Navy.

HMS York will be decommissioned in a ceremony at Portsmouth Naval Base on September 27. It will make way for HMS Dragon - the new-generation Type 45 destroyer in the Royal Navy fleet.


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