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UK MOD orders more Starstreak missiles

Starstreak high velocity missile system. Photo: UK MOD.

LONDON (BNS): The UK Ministry of Defence is planning to buy 200 extra missiles as part of a multi-million-pound deal announced by the Prime Minister.

Starstreak, built by Thales at their plant in Belfast, forms part of the UK's ground-based air defence capability, which was used to protect London during the Olympic Games in 2012, according to the UK MOD news release.

"This contract for 200 extra Starstreak missiles will not only provide our Armed Forces with a highly capable weapon, but also secures hundreds of highly skilled defence jobs in Northern Ireland and should provide confidence to the export markets of the Starstreak system," Philip Dunne, Minister for Defence Equipment, Support and Technology, was quoted as saying in the report.

The high velocity missiles, which can travel over a kilometre in less than a second, provide the Army with an air defence capability that is able to counter the threat from fighter aircraft, helicopters and unmanned air systems.

The order of additional Starstreak missiles, which are due to be delivered by June 2014, will allow both the regular and reserve forces to be equipped with the capability.


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