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UAE's Abu Dhabi class frigates to get Sigma navigation systems

PARIS (BNS): French defence company Sagem will provide its Sigma 40 inertial navigation systems for the UAE Navy’s Abu Dhabi class anti-submarine warfare frigates.

The company has been awarded a contract by Italian ship manufacturer Fincantieri, which is building the new frigates, in this regard.

The Sigma 40 inertial navigation system, integrated in a ship’s combat system, enhances the vessel’s sensors, weapons and self-defence capability. It features advanced technologies like laser gyros and sophisticated digital filtering.

The navigation system has already been integrated in several other naval ships of the UAE. The latest contract consolidates Sagem’s position as the supplier of high-performance inertial navigation systems for the UAE Navy’s front-line warships, the company said.

The Sigma navigation system has been fitted in a number of surface vessels and submarines developed by over 30 navies worldwide.


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