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Two meteor showers for skygazers tonight

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WASHINGTON (BNS): Skygazers will view a celestial traffic jam on Friday night as two meteor showers will bring the year’s best shooting-star event ever.

The Delta Aquarid meteor shower will join the annual mid-August performance of the Perseid meteors to bring a spectacular night show.

The average number counts of the meteor are expected to be from 15 to 20 in the dark clear sky.

The Perseid shower which will be at its peak by the mid of the August will start showering on Friday with the concluding Delta Aquarid shower.

According to, the meteors are called Perseids because they appear to emanate from the constellation of Perseus, which in the predawn hours is high in the northeast sky.

In addition to the Perseids, there are about a half-dozen other minor meteor showers that occur from late July into mid-August, which are relatively little observed, being usually overshadowed by the Perseids.

This year, these minor showers will get more attention, as conditions for observing them are relatively favourable compared to the Perseids.

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