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Technical anomaly hits India's INSAT-4B satellite

The INSAT-4B satellite. An ISRO photo

BANGALORE (PTI): India’s INSAT-4B communication satellite has been hit by a “power supply anomaly” in one of its two solar panels, partially affecting some television and telecom services in the country.

The snag in the dedicated TV and telecommunications satellite launched by Ariane5 rocket from French Guyana in March 2007 with an estimated mission life of 12 years has led to switching off 50 per cent of the transponder capacity.

The three-tonne INSAT-4B carries a total of 24 communication transponders (12 Ku-Band and 12 C-Band).

Due to a power supply anomaly in one of its two solar panels, there has been a partial non-availability of services on India's INSAT-4B communication satellite, Indian Space Research Organisation(ISRO) said in a release here on Friday.

On the night of July 7, the satellite experienced a power supply glitch which led to switching off 50 per cent of the transponder capacity (6 Ku and 6 C-Band transponders), the release said.

An expert team is studying the possibilities of partial utilisation of some of the transponders that were switched off and restoring services at the earliest, it said.


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