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Submarine launched BRAHMOS almost ready

An artistic representation of submarine launched version of the supersonic BRAHMOS cruise missile.

MOSCOW (PTI): Submarine launched version of the supersonic BRAHMOS cruise missile is in final stages of development, and Russia says that the new Amur subs being offered to India have the capability to launch these weapons.

"The submarine launched version of Indo-Russian BRAHMOS is in the very advanced stage of development," Chief of NPO Mashinostroyeniya (NPOM) Corporation Alexander Leonov here said.

Leonov said St. Petersburg-based Central Naval Design Bureau "Rubin" has already worked out options for the deployment of BRAHMOS missiles on the new "Amur-1650" conventional submarines offered to India, which can be launched from underwater position.

The new Russian conventional submarines will be equipped with tubes for launching them from underwater position, he said. India is facing problems in testing these strategic new missiles in the absence of a platform.

Indian Navy's current range of submarines including Russian Kilo Class, German SSK and the French Scorpene under construction at Mazagoan docks under an Indo-French joint venture do not have the capability to launch these supersonic missiles.

NPOM is equity partner in the Indo-Russian BrahMos Aerospace JV. Leonov said India-based BrahMos Aerospace JV has signed new contracts with the Indian Air Force, Navy and Army for the delivery of cruise missiles through 2017, ARMS-TASS military newswire reported.


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