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Strategic defence products developed for Indian Army

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CHANDIGARH (PTI): Various strategically important defence products and technologies like multi-mode hand grenade and e-bomb for use by the Army during war have been developed by the Terminal Ballistics Research Laboratory (TBRL).

"To launch equipment and bridges and to enhance the mobility of mechanised infantry in the warfield it is essential to reduce the height of canal banks," TBRL scientist A K Sharma said.

Bund Blasting Device has been developed for expediting the forward movement of Army, he said.

About multi-mode hand grenade, he said it is light in weight. "The Army has ordered 10,00,000 grenades, which are being produced by ordnance factory at Khamaria in Jabalpur," he said.

E-bomb has also been developed which is an electronic- magnetic pulse generator which destroys electronic items without harming human beings.

Non-Lethal plastic bullets developed by TBRL are used by police for riot control, Associate Director TBRL T K Raychaudhury said.

They were talking to reporters ahead of the International High Energy Material Conference and Exhibit (HEMCE) to be organised here from November 10 to mark the golden jubilee of the laboratory.

The two-day conference would deliberate on subjects like explosive material applications safety, hazards and disposal.

Experts from 13 countries would share their expertise and knowledge on the latest technologies, Raychaudhury said.


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