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Standard Missile System

Standard Missile-2 (SM-2)

The Standard Missile-2 (SM-2) is an all-weather, ship-launched, medium-to-long range, fleet air defence missile system. Their basic airframes consist of a cylindrical body with ogive nosecone, cruciform trapezoidal tail, control fins with long chord and fixed dorsal fins. SM-2 MR is installed on the DDG- and CGN-type ships and on Aegis CG-class ships. Its propulsion consists of dual-thurst, solid-propellant rocket motor (MK104).

The system is designed to counter high-speed, high-altitude anti-ship cruise missiles (ASCMs) in an advanced ECM environment. The SM-2 can also be used against surface targets. SM-2 Blocks II to IV are long-range interceptors that provide protection against aircraft and antiship missiles, thereby expanding the battle space.

SM-2 employs an ECM resistant monopulse receiver for semiactive radar terminal guidance, while long-range intercepts are accomplished through the use of Inertial Midcourse Guidance (Tartar) and Command Midcourse Guidance (Aegis). The Tartar and Aegis flight profiles allow the missile to approach the target without the need for a shipboard illuminator until the terminal engagement phase.

Target updates are provided through a weapon fire control system for Tartar missiles, while Command Guidance is accomplished via a link for Aegis missiles. A significant advantage of midcourse guidance is the resultant increase in firepower.

Standard Missile-6 is an extended range active missile (ERAM)

SM-6 has influence the Navy investment in the Aegis Weapon System, Cooperative Engagement, Capability and Airborne Early Warning Systems. This will support the fully integrated, extended-range, detect to-engage capability for U.S. Navy Aegis cruisers, destroyers and future combatants (DDX and CGX).

The Extended Range Active Missile (ERAM), tentatively designated SM-6, adds an extended range for overland cruise missile defence capability.

The Standard Missile system(SM-6) provides protection against the full spectrum of projected future cruise missile and manned aircraft threats. SM-6 is one of the key pillars to Integrated Fire Control. Vertically launched from a MK 41 VLS canister, SM-6 is compatible with existing Aegis cruisers, destroyers and future Navy cruisers and destroyers.

SM-6 provides outer defence and area defence capabilities. The system’s operational modes include command midcourse guidance, inertial midcourse, semi active homing and active homing to provide highly accurate target tracking.

Like all other versions of Standard Missile, ERAM is also fired by the AEGIS Combat System, as it is expected to be compatible with the next-generation DD(X) Fire Control System. The ERAM addresses the Navy's need for a long-range interceptor against aircraft and cruise missiles.

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