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Spanish company places order for 61 Airbus aircraft

A file photo of Airbus 320. EADS photo

MADRID (BNS): Spain's leading transport and tourism company, Grupo Marsans, has ordered 61 Airbus aircraft in one of the biggest orders in recent times, giving a much needed boost to aircraft manufacturing industry.

The company has all types of Airbus commercial aircraft including four giant A380s in its kitty. It would also have 10 new A350-900s in its fleet along with five A330-200s and 42 A320s. Grupo Marsans has already ordered 12 A330-200s. Now, it will have 73 aircraft in all from Airbus.

"This important order allows Grupo Marsans to put into action its mid and long term development plan, to enhance our position on the short and long haul sector by incorporating the most efficient aircraft available in the market today and tomorrow," said Gonzalo Pascual, president of Grupo Marsans after finalising the deal.

A high point of the contract is that the company would be the first one to fly A380 in Spain and Latin America. It will make it a leading operator in the region with induction of new platform like A350 which will compete directly with Boeing's much talked about 787s.

A350 is an extra wide body aircraft with a flying range of up to 15400 km. It has significantly wide fuselage and also comes in various configurations with a capacity to carry over 300 passengers. Airbus has already got orders for 463 A350s from 30 buyers.

The Spanish group runs various airlines in Europe and Latin America. A company official said it would have the most efficient and modern aircraft fleet available in the world both at international and regional levels.
Airbus claimed that being greener, cleaner, quieter and smarter, the A380 is already setting new standards for air transport and the environment.

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