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Spacelift Range Group awards BAH Launch & Test Range System SE&I support contract

The United States Air Force's Launch and Range Systems Wing is a unit located at Los Angeles Air Force Base, California.

VIRGINIA (BNS): Spacelift Range Group (LRRG) has awarded Booz Allen Hamilton (BAH) a $38.4 million Launch & Test Range System (LTRS) Systems Engineering and Integration (SE&I) contract, to provide support to the Los Angeles-based Spacelift Range Group (LRRG), Launch and Range Systems Wing (LRSW), Space and Missile Systems Center (SMC).

According to a press release by the BAH, Booz Allen will provide required SE&I support to modernise the spacelift range enterprise by putting in place the structure, processes and tools that will significantly increase the reliability, maintainability, availability, and dependability of the operating systems.

"The work neatly aligns with our firmís Systems Engineering and Integration tools, methodologies and capabilities, and plays to the strengths and interests of our SE&I professionals in the space market," said Ken Wiegand Executive Vice President of BAH.

LTRS consists of ground-based surveillance, navigation, flight operations and analysis, command and control, communications and weather assets located at the Eastern Range (Patrick Air Force Base, Fla.) and the Western Range (Vandenberg AFB, Calif.) for space missions. LTRS provides the US Department of Defense, NASA and commercial customers a highly reliable, integrated system to support spacecraft launch, ballistic missile and aeronautical testing, as reported in the release.

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