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Sagem to supply new mission planning system for French army

PARIS (BNS): Sagem has signed a contract with French defence procurement agency DGA for the development and production of a new version of the MPME (Module de Préparation de Missions) mission planning system for helicopter crews, to be deployed by the French army's air arm (ALAT).

The new version of the MPME system is designed to support the service entry of the army's Tiger HAD (support & destruction) and NH90 TTH Caïman tactical transport helicopters.

The MPME system is operated in a network from transportable tactical modules or in a fixed infrastructure. It allows helicopter crews to plan their mission as a team, and support formations comprising different types of helicopters.

Mission planning is based on advanced functions enabling replay on the ground of flight paths in three dimensions. The MPME multiplies effectiveness during the most critical mission phases: at night, for deconfliction, avoiding known surface-to-air threats ('SAM rings'), use of weapons, landing zones, etc.

An upgraded version of the MPME system is already in service, this new version is part of the programme contract awarded to Sagem by the DGA in 2005, covering regiments deploying the Puma, Cougar, Gazelle and Tiger HAP (support-protection) helicopters, as well as the French-German Tiger flying school.

This latest contract includes life-cycle support services and provides for the modernisation of MPME systems already in service, Sagem said.

Part of the digital battlefield, the MPME features greater security and access to new mapping and aeronautical data.

The first systems should be delivered toward the end of 2014.

The current MPME system has been deployed in combat. It has been used for ALAT in Afghanistan, on the French navy's Mistral and Tonnerre amphibious ships for Operation Harmattan in Libya, and most recently during Operation Serval in Mali this year.


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