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Sagem, OIS Advanced Technology sign MoU

PARIS/ NEW DELHI (BNS): French company Sagem has signed a MoU with India's OIS Advanced Technology (OIS-AT) to form a joint venture for the manufacturing of AASM Hammer bomb guidance and glide kit in India.

The AASM Hammer, a precision bomb guidance and range extension kit, was originally designed and manufactured by Sagem for the requirements of the French Air-Force and Navy on-board the Rafale fighter aircraft.

It is intended to cater to the requirements of the Indian Air Force's high precision munitions, Sagem said in a statement.

The AASM Hammer has been extensively proven in combat, and the version that will be manufactured in India will be customized to specifically meet Indian Air Force requirements, the company said on April 19.

"We are pleased that Sagem is collaborating with us with their combat proven, world leading, high precision munitions guidance and range extension kit. With its impressive list of advanced features, Sagem's AASM Hammer is the foundation for our joint venture to specifically cater to the requirements of the Indian Air Force under the government's Make In India programme. This collaboration further endorses our corporate strategy of becoming the Industrial Partner of Choice for leading global companies", said Sanjay Bhandari, Chairman and Managing Director of OIS Advanced Technology.

"We are pleased to collaborate with OIS-AT with our combat proven, high precision, AASM Hammer Guidance and Range Extension kit for aerial munitions for the Indian Air Force. With OIS-AT we have a partner with a core focus and appreciation of advanced technologies and innovation to advance our joint interests for the Indian Air Force", said Martin Sion, CEO of Sagem.

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