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Saab receives $15.43 additional radar enhancement contract

A file photo of Halifax-class frigates.

STOCKHOLM (BNS): Saab has received an additional order of $15.43 million (MSEK 108) from Lockheed Martin Canada for further enhancement of the Sea Giraffe 150 HC 2D radar for the modernisation of the Canadian Navy’s Halifax-class frigates.

The company has planed the delivery of the radar from 2011-2016.

The original Contract was awarded in May 2009.

Saab has been a radar provider to the Canadian Navy since the early nineties. The received additional order is a further enhancement and modification of the existing Sea Giraffe 150 HC.

”We are very pleased that Lockheed Martin Canada and the Canadian Navy have selected Saab’s radar for this modernisation programme”, Micael Johansson, Senior Vice President and Head of Saab’s Business area Electronic Defence Systems, said.

In the new contract, Saab will secure a high level of operational availability as well as new and improved functions of the radar for years to come.

The new modified Sea Giraffe 150 HC will increase the performance in a high clutter environment, such as the littorals, as well as align the radar to the latest generation of Sea Giraffe AMBs.

It will provide the Canadian Navy with a state-of-the- art radar that will complement other radar sensors onboard with its improved capability to detect and track low RCS (Radar Cross Section) targets on or just above the sea surface. New capabilities can easily be added and inserted to the radar to counter new threats or accommodate new requirements.

The radar upgrade is part of a larger Combat Systems Integration contract, awarded to Lockheed Martin Canada in 2008, that will ultimately provide a new command and control system, radars, tactical data links, electronic support measures and other warfare capabilities for the Canadian Navy’s Halifax-class frigates.


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