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SKorea selects Sagem navigation system for Indonesian submarines

PARIS (BNS): French high-tech company Sagem (Safran) has won a contract from South Korea to supply the navigation system to be installed on three 1,400 ton ocean-going submarines to be deployed by the Indonesian navy.

Ordered by Indonesia in 2012, this new class of ocean-going submarine is the first South Korean-designed submarine to be sold in international markets.

The Sagem navigation system (NAVS) offers outstanding reliability and precision, making it the best system for demanding submarine missions, whether at sea or for operations along coastlines.

NAVS comprises two high-performance Sigma 40XP laser gyro inertial reference units, a computer and safety-critical navigation software, all contributing to the submarine's stealth and safety during dives.

The decisive factors were Sagem's proven capabilities as systems integrator, plus its expertise in data fusion and transmission to the ship's combat system, along with extensive experience in managing major defense programs.

South Korea's Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA) had already chosen Sagem recently to modernise the navigation system on the country's KSS-1 Chang Bogo submarines class, several modernised submarines are already in full operation at sea.


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