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SAAB launches laser rangefinder HEIMDALL

New laser rangefinder HEIMDALL. A SAAB photo.

STOCKHOLM (BNS): Swedish aerospace company Saab has introduced a new member of the laser family with the new technology of diode pumped Erbium.

Product Manager Electronic Defence Systems, Stellan Wickström, said the new laser rangefinder HEIMDALL is a light weight and very compact device that can be used in several applications.

The HEIMDALL is a class 1 laser. The diode pumped technology allows the laser to achieve an impressive performance with a continuous operation in a harsh environment.

The device has a newly developed receiver that provides the laser receiver with high sensitivity. The new laser rangefinder will find applications within the areas of remote weapon stations, UAV’s, border survelliance systems, control of landing strips at airports, and fire control systems.



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