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Russia's Zenit rocket orbits US telecom satellite

The Zenit-3SL rocket launches from sea-based floating platform Odyssey. An RSC Energia photo

MOSCOW (BNS): A Russian rocket on Friday successfully launched and orbited the US telecommunications satellite, Intelsat-19.

The Zenit-3SL rocket carrying the 5.6-ton spacecraft lifted off from the sea-based floating launch platform Odyssey in the Pacific Ocean at 05:23 AM GMT, Russian space corporation RSC Energia said.

The satellite was later positioned into a geosynchronous orbit.

Odyssey, located in the equatorial area of the Pacific Ocean, is a converted oil rig operated by the Switzerland-based Sea Launch, a consortium of four companies from Norway, Russia, Ukraine and the US.

Intelsat 19 is a geostationary communications satellite which will be operated by Intelsat. The satellite will provide C- and Ku-band capacity for media, government and network services customers in the western US and the Asia-Pacific region.

It also carries three specially designed Ku-band mobility beams that will provide maritime and aeronautical users with always-on broadband connectivity throughout the northern and southwestern Pacific Ocean.

Once operational in July, Intelsat 19 will replace Intelsat 8 and is expected to have a useful life of more than 18 years, Intelsat said.


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