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Russian military exercise 'Vostok 2010' concludes

Around 20,000 troops, 70 warplanes and 30 warships participated in Vostok 2010. Russian MoD photos

MOSCOW (BNS): Russian armed forces have completed a 10-day unprecedented military exercise, Vostok 2010, and began on Thursday the redeployment of their permanent bases.

According to a news report by RIA Novosti, the forces of the Siberian military district have accomplished all the assigned missions during the large-scale Vostok-2010 military drill.

Russia began Vostok 2010 in the eastern parts of the country which saw the participation of tens of thousands of troops, air and naval combat units of the Russian armed forces. The wargames began on June 29 and concluded on July 8.

The strategic exercise involved combat units from the Far Eastern, Siberian and Volga-Urals military districts, as well as the Pacific Fleet.

More than 20,000 troops, up to 70 warplanes and 30 warships participated in the wargames.

In the course of the wargames, Russia for the first time deployed its frontline Sukhoi Su-24M and Su-34 combat aircraft from the central parts to the far eastern parts 8,000 kms away.

"All the missions planned for Vostok 2010 has been accomplished," the press service of the Siberian military district said in a statement on Friday, as per the news report.

Vostok 2010 also included the firing of live ammunition, simulated airborne assaults and amphibious assault landings.

"Six separate tactical drills with the firing of live ammunition were conducted at the Tsugol, Telemba, Yurga and Burduny military training ranges during the drills," the statement further added.

Russia holds Vostok strategic command-and-staff exercises every two years.

In 2009, the Russian military conducted the Caucasus 2009, Zapad 2009 and Ladoga 2009 strategic exercises, and 15 brigade-level and 161 battalion-level drills.


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