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Russian Space Troops put 250 spacecraft into orbit

MOSCOW (Itar-Tass/PTI): Russian Space Troops have carried out over 200 lift-offs of launch vehicles over the eight years of active operation, which put into orbit 250 spacecraft of various designations.

Commemorating the launch of world's first satellite from Baikonur in 1957 on the Space Troops Day, Saturday, commander of the Space Troops, Major General Oleg Ostapenko said, “The establishment was caused by objective necessity, promoted by modern world trends for expanding outer-space role in ensuring protection of vitally important state interests in the economic, military and social spheres.”

Military formations of space designation are set up especially for this task, with preparation, launching and control over the flight of the first satellite.

The space troops operate as an independent arm since March 2001 when all military formations, ensuring operation of the Russian Armed Forces in space, were combined according to the Russian president's decree.

It now includes Plesetsk cosmodrome, a centre for testing and controlling spacecraft, the chief centre for outer-space control, and the chief centre on warning of a missile attack, the anti-missile defence formation, other agencies and auxiliary units.

“The Space Troops carried out and ensured more than 200 lift-offs of carriers over the eight past years which put into orbit around 250 spacecraft of various designations,” Ostapenko noted. “Means of outer-space control warned of over 600 dangerous approaches of space objects with the International Space Station.”

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