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Russian Navy to receive new Steregushchy class corvette

The first Project 20380 corvette, the Steregushchy. A file photo.

MOSCOW (BNS): Russian Navy will receive a new stealth corvette 'Soobrazitelny' on Friday, a media report said.

The corvette which is also known as second Project 20380, was built at St. Petersburg's Severnaya Verf shipyard and designed by the Almaz Central Marine Design Bureau.

In 2008, Russian Navy put the first Project 20380 corvette, the Steregushchy, into service with its Baltic Fleet.

According to RIA Novosti, the Steregushchy class corvette can be deployed to destroy enemy surface ships, submarines and aircraft, and to provide artillery support for beach landings. Advanced stealth technology is used to reduce the ship's secondary radar field, as well as its acoustic, infrared, magnetic and visual signatures.

Two more corvettes Boyky and the Stoyky of this class are under construction.

Russia is planning to construct 30 more vessels of this class for the protection of its coastal waters especially on the areas of Black and the Baltic seas, it said.


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