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Russian Army to receive over 3000 new weapon systems

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MOSCOW (PTI): Russia's land forces will receive over 3,000 new weapon systems and military hardware this year, a senior commander has said.

"We will receive over 3,000 pieces of weaponry of various modifications this year. These include Iskander systems, T-90 tanks, and other modern arms," Deputy Commander, Maj Gen Viktor Batmazov said, as quoted by Itar-Tass.

The supply of high precision and modern reconnaissance systems has increased this year. Up to a thousand of military units in the land forces will be put on permanent combat readiness status in 2009.

Last winter and spring, 46 brigades were transformed into permanent readiness units.

The second stage of military reform began on June 1.

During it, about 40 brigades will be redeployed to new locations.

"This stage will end by December 1," Batmazov said.

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