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Russian Army to get state-of-the-art Ka-52 helicopters in 2010

The Ka-52 is an upgraded version of the basic Ka-50 single-seat attack helicopter.

MOSCOW (BNS): The Russian Army will receive the latest state-of-the-art Ka-52 helicopters along with the Mi-28N, upgraded Mi-8 and Mi-26 helicopters in 2010 to strengthen its aviation fleet.

“As part of Army aviation, the deliveries of new helicopters Mi-28H has begun and in 2010, receipt of a new round-the-clock and all-weather helicopter complex Ka-52 is expected,” Defence Ministry spokesperson Lt. Col. Vladimir Drik was quoted as saying by RIA Novosti.

The Ka-52 is a modified version of the Ka-50 single-seat attack helicopter.

According to him, the new helicopters have been designed and developed for different applications, especially for jamming purposes, to act as air control centers, for fueling, and to carry out search and rescue operations.

“As a result, the supply of new and modernisation of the existing fleet of modern helicopters share by 2015 will amount to about 40 percent,” the official said.

While the Mi-26 is a heavy transport helicopter used for both civilian and military purposes, Mi-8 is a medium twin-turbine transport helicopter that can also act as a gunship. The Mi-28N is an all-weather day and night military tandem two-seat anti armour attack helicopter.

Highlighting the importance of light weight helicopters capable of lifting one-ton load which are steadily gaining ground, Drik said that Russia has designed its ANSAT and Ka-60U training helicopters for such purposes.

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