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Russian Akula Class: The sea shark

Russian nuclear-powered attack submarine K-152 Nerpa.

Project 971 (NATO code name Akula) is the most advanced Russian nuclear-powered attack submarine.

The submarines were built by the Amur Shipbuilding Plant Joint Stock Company at Komsomolsk-on-Amur and at the Severodvinsk shipbuilding yard. Seven Akula I submarines were commissioned between 1986 and 1992, and three Improved Akula between 1992 and 1995.

Construction of the Akula II class Nerpa nuclear attack submarine started in 1991 but was suspended for over a decade due to lack of funding.

Akula II class vessels are considered the quietest and deadliest of Russian nuclear-powered attack submarines. They feature a double-hulled configuration with a distinctive high aft fin.

Relation with India

Indian Navy will soon get the K-152 the Akula II class Nerpa nuclear attack submarine for a 10-year lease.

The Akula II in service with the Russians is equipped with 28 nuclear-capable cruise missiles with a striking range of 3,000 km. The Indian version is expected to be armed with the 300-km Club nuclear-capable missiles.

The most-modern Russian submarine will be recommissioned as 'INS Chakra’ in India.

The submarine had faced a mishap during sea trials in November 2008 which killed 20 sailors and technical staffs.


The submarine has a double-hulled configuration with a distinctive high aft fin. The hull has seven compartments and the stand-off distance between the outer and inner hulls is considerable, reducing the possible inner hull damage. The very low acoustic signature has been achieved by incremental design improvements to minimise noise generation and transmission – for example, the installation of active noise cancellation techniques.

The retractable masts viewed from bow to stern are the periscopes, radar antennae, radio and satellite communications and navigation masts.

 Key Data  [Crew - 73]

Speed Surface -20 Knots

Submerged - 35 knots
Depth Test depth - 480m

Crush depth- 600m

Endurance 100 days
Displacement 8,140 tons surfaced

12,770 tons submerged
Dimensions 110*14*9m
Reactor 190MW OK-650M
Steam turbine  with 43000 hp
Armaments 4*533mm torpedo tubes

4*650mm torpedo tubes
Power plant 190MW OK-650M pressurized water nuclear reactor

2 auxiliary electric engines (410 hp each)

2 auxiliary diesel engines (750 hp each)


- Courtesy:

         Naval Technology Website

BRAHMOS Missile Systems


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