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Russian Air Force receives Su-30M2 fighters from Sukhoi

The Su-30M2 fighter. Image courtesy:

MOSCOW (BNS): Sukhoi has transferred a batch of Su-30M2 multi-role fighters to the Russian Air Force in the framework of the 2014 State Defence order.

After the air force pilots checked the fighters on the ground and in the air, the new aircraft flew to the place of their deployment.

The Russian Air Force will receive few more Su-30M2s this year, Sukhoi said.

A two-seater variant of the Su-30 fighter, the Su-30M2 is armed with high precision weapons, including medium- and short-range air-to-air guided missiles and also air-to-ground missiles.

The warplane is capable of engaging both surface and ground targets, while acting individually or in a group in any weather condition.

The multi-role fighter also features an in-flight refuelling system.


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