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Russia to offer Amur subs for Indian Navy's tender

The Lada class diesel-electric patrol submarine was designed for anti-ship and anti-submarine defense. Credit: Military Today

St. Petersburg (BNS): Russia will participate in an open tender for the supply of next-generation diesel-electric submarines to the Indian Navy, Rosoboronexport's senior official has said.

"We will offer India an export version of the Lada class diesel submarine - the Amur class vessel. We will take part in the Indian tender when it is announced with these submarines or vessels of another class," Domain-B quoted Oleg Azizov, who is leading the Russian state arms export agency delegation at the International Maritime Defense Show 2009 here, as saying.

"We have a bilateral cooperation agreement in the military-technical sphere until 2020, which includes the possibility of supplying submarines to this country," he said.

The Project-677, or Lada class, diesel submarine, whose export version is known as the Amur 1650, features a new anti-sonar coating for its hull, an extended cruising range, and advanced anti-ship and anti-submarine weaponry, including the Klub-S integrated cruise missile systems.

It also quoted the project's general designer Yuri Kormilitsin as saying, "The submarine has been conceived as a kind of an underwater sea hunter, capable of destroying any target surface naval ships, transport vessels, or submarines using torpedoes, missiles, mines and also with the help of frogmen."

The use of state-of-the-art acoustic protection systems and original engineering innovations on Amur-class submarines will make them several times quieter than the earlier Project 877 Kilo-class submarines, a number of which currently serve with the Indian Navy, it said.

While the Project 877 EKM submarines represent an earlier, third, generation of submarines, the Amur-class are represent the fourth generation. The Amur will be available in two classes - the 950 and the 1650.

The 950 comes equipped with 10 vertical universal missile launchers, capable of launching the Klub-S anti-shipland attack missiles. These could also be adjusted to take onboard the Indo-Russian BrahMos submarine-launched supersonic cruise missile, it added.

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