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Russia to deliver N-submarine to India by year-end

SSN Akula Class nuclear-powered submarine. A File Photo

MOSCOW (PTI): Russia is expected to deliver the Akula-class nuclear-powered submarine to India by the end of this year as the shipyard has repaired the damage caused by the mishap during sea trials in November in which 20 sailors and technical staff were killed.

"The repairs are complete and the vessel is technically ready for the resumption of sea trials," an official of the Amur Shipyard was quoted as saying by Interfax.

According to the director of the shipyard Nikolai Povzyk the "Aim is to deliver the vessel by the end of this year." "We are completing the enrolment of trial team, which will have to finish trials and deliver the submarine to the Indian side by the end of this year," Povzyk said.

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin today announced plans to provide funds to the Amur Shipyard for the completion of the Indian order. However, details of the funding were not known.

Russia was to deliver the Akula-II Class nuclear attack submarine to the Indian Navy on a 10-year lease in June.

However, due to the November 8, 2008 mishap, which took place during sea trials, it was deferred.

At least 20 people were killed and 21 injured in the disaster, Russia's worst naval accident in nearly a decade, which was caused by accidental triggering of fire suppression system in one of the submarine's compartments.

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