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Russia launches military satellite

A file photo of the Cosmos-3M carrier rocket.

MOSCOW (BNS): In a second launch this month, Russia on Tuesday sent a military satellite into space to expand its network of reconnaissance satellites.

A Cosmos-3M rocket carrying the satellite blasted off from the Plesetsk space centre in northwest Russia at 0608 hours Moscow time (0208 GMT).

The satellite will join the Russian network of about 60-70 military reconnaissance satellites, space agency Roscosmos said quoting a Russian Space Forces spokesman.

Russia, had last week, launched a military satellite from on board a Soyuz-U rocket.

The Cosmos-3M is a liquid-fueled two-stage rocket, first launched in 1967. The rocket has over 410 successful launches to its credit to date.

The booster has been designed to lift a payload of up to 1,500 kg into low, medium, and high orbits.

The previous launch of Cosmos-3M with one military and one civilian satellite was conducted on July 21, 2009.

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