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Russia, US expect dialogue on missiles

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BELGRADE (ITAR-TASS): Russian Ambassador to NATO Dmitry Rogozin has said that an expert discussion on the problems of the anti-ballistic missile system has been scheduled to take place on May 19 in Brussels.

It is expected that this dialogue will sharply intensify, he said here Thursday.

The ambassador said he believes in delegating the scrutiny of various aspects of the collective anti-ballistic missile system to the military at the current stage in Russia-US format.

The Secretary General of the North-Atlantic pact, Anders Fogh Rasmussen may take part in the discussion.

"The committee will anyway have a session at the ambassadorial level and I hope the Secretary General will hold a briefing as part of it to explain his statements that were addressed to Russia and concerned the setting up of a unified anti-ballistic missile system over the entire Euro-Atlantic sector," Rogozin said.

He added Russia would like to know Rasmussen's broader vision of the situation.

"As for a deeper and more serious discussion at the level of experts, I think it's crucial now to do an analysis of the missile threats and possible responses to them in the Russia-US format - at the level of the military rather than diplomats," Rogozin said.

"It is expected that this dialogue will sharply intensify," he said.

"It'll make sense to add the political and the diplomatic level to the discussions only after we realize the essence of the US doctrine of the ABM system and the stages it presupposes.

"At this moment, the diplomats should move sideways and give room to the Russian and US military who could possibly understand each other," he said.

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