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Russia, Norway begin joint naval drill 'Pomor 2010'

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MOSCOW (BNS): Exercise Pomor 2010 involving the navies of Russia and Norway kicked off in the Barents and Norwegian Seas on Tuesday.

In the first stage of the naval drill, warships from both the navies practiced live artillery firing at simulated land and aerial targets, RIA Novosti said quoting a spokesperson of Russian Navyís Northern Fleet.

The four-stage exercise also includes anti-submarine warfare drills, anti-piracy operations, and search-and-rescue missions, the report said.

The Russian Navy has sent its Northern Fleetís large ASW ship Severomorsk, Il-38 ASW aircraft, Su-33 fighters, and Ka-27PS helicopters to take part in the drill.

From the Norwegian Navy's side, its frigate KNM Otto Sverdrup, Coast Guard ship Nordkapp, Orion patrol aircraft, F-16 fighters and Lynx helicopters are taking part in the five-day long exercise which will conclude on June 11.

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