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Refitted Delta-IV class nuke sub to join Russian Navy

The Delta-IV class Karelia nuclear submarine. Image credit:

ST. PETERSBURG (BNS): An overhauled Delta-IV class Karelia nuclear submarine will join the Russian Navy’s Northern Fleet by the end of this year.

The submarine has been retrofitted at the Zvezdochka shipyard in northern Russia and resumed sea trials, RIA Novosti reported on Wednesday quoting a statement issued by the shipyard. The vessel is expected to join the Northern Fleet by the end of this year, it said.

The overhauling of the vessel which started in 2004 included noise reduction, improved enemy ship and submarine tracking capabilities, and enhanced survivability. The submarine has been equipped with 16 Sineva RSM-54 missiles, the report said.

Four other subs of the same Delta-IV class – K-51 Verkhoturye, K-84 Yekaterinburg, K-114 Tula, and K-117 Bryansk – have already been refurbished to enhance their lifespan by another 10 years.

The Russian Navy has seven Delta-IV class submarines in service, all deployed in its Northern Fleet.

The Delta IV is a class of Russian ballistic missile submarine (SSBN). The submarine has an operational diving depth of 320 meters, with a maximum depth of 400 meters. Each sub employs the D-9RM launch system and carries 16 R-29RM liquid-fueled missiles.

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