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Raytheon to develop Excalibur Ib programme for US Army

Raytheon's Excalibur Ib programme.

TUCSON (BNS): US Army has awarded $23 million contract to Raytheon for the development of Excalibur Ib.

In the contract, the company will also finalise the next-generation 155 mm precision-guided projectile's design.

According to Raytheon, based on the combat-proven Excalibur Ia, Excalibur Ib uses GPS technology to provide a first round, fire-for-effect, precision capability that limits collateral damage. Whether "danger close" or across a valley, Excalibur projectiles give war-fighters life-saving options.

"Raytheon's Excalibur Ib design will give our war-fighters a pinpoint precision capability that will limit collateral damage while protecting the brigade combat teams," Dr. Taylor Lawrence, Raytheon Missile Systems president, said.

The Excalibur Ib programme met the US Army's cost reduction goals and increased its reliability by using fewer parts and simpler manufacturing.

"With more than 100 successful test flights during its development, Raytheon's Excalibur Ib team demonstrated the unwavering reliability and robust capability of its design," Jim Riley, Raytheon's vice president of Land Combat, said.

Raytheon has scheduled the delivery of the Excalibur Ib rounds to US Army by 2012.


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