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Raytheon airborne targeting system achieves 1 million flight hrs

US Air Force Predator unmanned aircraft.

MCKINNEY, TEXAS (BNS): Raytheon airborne multi-spectral targeting system, whose video imagery helps soldiers, intelligence analysts and commanders in the field make critical operating decisions, recently exceeded 1 million flight hours.

"This system provides critical information to US and coalition forces," said Col Daryl Hauck, US Air Force program executive officer for Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance and Special Operations Forces.

"The day and night environment image quality that the targeting system provides to the warfighter is making a difference in the lives of our troops."

The targeting system also employs a full-motion video camera for long-range surveillance and high-altitude acquisition, tracking and laser designation from a manned or unmanned aircraft.

"Our solid partnership with the US Air Force has enabled us to develop this unique system to meet demanding defense requirements," said Tim Carey, vice president for Raytheon's Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance business.

"With 1 million operational flight hours, the MTS delivers proven reliability and capability to the warfighter in operations around the world."

Raytheon said it developed the electro-optical infrared system for use by the US Air Force on the Predator unmanned aircraft.


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