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Raytheon SeaGriffin completes guided flight test

SeaGriffin missile. A Raytheon photo.

LONDON (BNS): Raytheon Company has successfully completed the latest guided flight test of its SeaGriffin missile.

The test further demonstrated the effectiveness of SeaGriffin's semi-active laser guidance system, and the missile's ability to capture images from a newly-added imaging infrared seeker (IIR), Raytheon said in a statement.

During the test, a SeaGriffin missile, launched from an integrated surface launch system, provided streaming video from its IIR seeker through an on-board datalink. Command and Control operators could use the datalink for target verification before the missile strikes a small boat target, it said.

"In busy littoral waters, target discrimination is critical so friendly ships aren't mistakenly engaged," said Dr. Thomas R Bussing, vice president of Advanced Missile Systems at Raytheon.

Raytheon is developing SeaGriffin with a dual-mode seeker to give warfighters the target discrimination and accuracy they need for countering swarming boat threats in this high-traffic environment.

The Company is conducting a series of SeaGriffin guided flight tests to demonstrate the missile's readiness as the Surface Warfare solution for U S Navy's Littoral Combat Ships Surface-to-Surface Missile Module.

The latest test follows the successful demonstration of SeaGriffin's extended range capability in late 2013 when the missile successfully navigated away from the target, then flew to and struck the target well beyond Griffin's operational range.


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