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Raytheon gets $21.8 million JET modification contract

US Air Force

OMAHA (BNS): The US Air Force has awarded Raytheon $21.8 million contract for modifications to the Joint Environmental Toolkit (JET) program for next-generation weather systems.

JET provides actionable environmental intelligence and tailored network-centric solutions supporting war fighters on base and in deployed operations.

The system assists war fighter decision-making by enabling command and control systems with integrated terrestrial and space environmental information.

This contract for Increment 2 of the program focuses on the integration, consolidation, extension and potential replacement of existing and evolving meteorological operational capabilities.

"JET will substantially enhance battle space awareness and mission execution for our military forces around the world," said Gerard Wittman, director of Raytheon Space and Environmental Mission Solutions.

JET is Web-enabled and uses display systems for regional and base units, making it easier to access information. Joint Environmental Toolkit (JET), a company release said.

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