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Rafael unveils Spike missile's latest version

Land mobile version of the Spike NLOS weapon system. Image credit: Rafael

JERUSALEM (BNS): Israeli defence company Rafael has unveiled the latest version of its Spike missiles family 25-km range non-line of sight (NLOS) missile.

The missile, which can be launched from all platforms land, sea and air can also hit targets not located in view of the missile launcher.

Equipped with a variety of warheads, RF communication, unique advantages of hitting non-line of site (NLOS) targets, the ability to switch between targets and abort mission, the Spike NLOS can be operated in offensive and defensive scenarios, Rafael said.

It can also update data while flying in the air using fiber optics. This feature will enable the weapon to divert its course to avoid missing its target or harming innocent targets.

Spike is a third-generation anti-tank guided missile, which works on a fire-and-forget principle with lock-on before launch and automatic self-guidance.

The previous versions of the missile have a range of 4-8 kilometers and are used by infantry forces, and can be fired by helicopters and ground vehicles.

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