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Prahaar missile to be test-fired on July 21: Reports

The 150-km range Prahaar missile will bridge the gap between Pinaka (left), a 40-km multi-barrel rocket system and the 350km range, nuclear-capable Prithvi-II (right), a surface-to-surface strategic missile.

HYDERABAD (BNS): The first flight-test of Prahaar (to strike), a new quick-reaction, short-range tactical missile, scheduled for Sunday, has been postponed and is likely to take place on July 21.

According to a news report by 'The Hindu', quoting DRDO sources, the launch was tentatively rescheduled to July 21 as some additional tests were done on the vehicle which delayed its movement to Balasore, Orissa.

The missile would be launched from Launch Complex-III of the Integrated Test Range at Chandipur, Balasore district.

Prahaar missile had been under development for the last four years. The 150-km range missile would be equipped with omni-directional warheads and could be used for hitting both tactical and strategic targets.

Prahaar is a road mobile system and could be deployed in a few minutes time, without much preparation. Each road mobile launcher can carry six missiles which could be used for taking out both tactical and strategic targets.


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