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Pokhran tests changed world's perception of India: DRDO chief

NEW DELHI (PTI): The Pokhran nuclear tests in May 1998 changed the world's perception of India in terms of technology capability, DRDO Chief Avinash Chander has said.

Addressing DRDO fraternity on Tuesday on the occasion of National Technology Day here, he said India found "new respect" because of the tests, while the country's scientists and engineers got their due recognition.

"In terms of capabilities we have never been less than anyone else in the world. What we need is confidence in our own capabilities," Chander said.

Highlighting some key achievements he said that DRDO crossed the intercontinental barriers with Agni V, becoming one of the four nations in the world possessing a multi-level strategic deterrence capability.

Series of perfect launches of Bo5, the underwater launched strategic missile further demonstrate DRDO's capability towards achieving the triad, Chander said.

Recollecting the struggles and challenges posed by more and more technology denials as the impact of India achieving nuclear capabilities, he mentioned how ongoing interactions by western countries were withheld, forcing India to indigenously develop the technologies.


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