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Parrikar given rare insight into US nuclear-powered aircraft carrier

US Navy aircraft carrier USS Dwight D Eisenhower which was visited by Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar in the Atlantic Ocean on Thursda (Dec. 10, 2015).

ABOARD USS EISENHOWER (PTI): Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar has been given a rare insight into USS Dwight D Eisenhower, one of America's top nuclear powered aircraft carriers, signalling the emerging close Indo-US defence ties.

The tour of the sophisticated aircraft carrier -- a rare for a foreign leader -- was given by US Defence Secretary Ashton Carter himself.

The two leaders, accompanied by senior defence officials and diplomats from both sides, spent nearly four hours on the ship itself, wherein Parrikar was given a detailed first-hand experience of the top aircraft carrier which in recent years has played a key role in support of American military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Parrikar described the experience as "fantastic".

"We could experience the technology and the speed at which things can be done," said Parrikar after spending time with Carter on the deck watching the take-off and landing of fighter jets.

He also visited the other parts of the USS Eisenhower, including the control room on the top floor and hanger at the bottom of the ship.

When Parrikar arrived at the Andrews Air Force base aboard Defence One, the personal plane of the Defence Secretary -- on Thursday (Dec. 10), Carter gave a big hug to his guest.

Before seeing him off, the two leaders had spent nearly nine hours together that day.

At a time, when Pentagon is experiencing hectic activities in view of the crisis in the Middle East, a senior defence official described Carter spending so much time with Parrikar as "very significant" and reflective of how much importance US attaches to its defence relationship with India.

In an interaction with a group of Indian media later, Parrikar refrained from giving an insight into what the two leaders talked throughout the day.

"I will put it in one line, when you gel well, you do not remember what you discussed," the Minister said as he dismissed the question.

"The most important is trust building, which I think is happening for the first time after Prime Minister (Narendra) Modi had good discussions with the (US) President (Barack Obama)," he said.


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