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Pakistan tests Hatf-8 missile

Hatf-8 missile.

ISLAMABAD (PTI): Pakistan Friday successfully tested the nuclear-capable Hatf-VIII or Raad cruise missile that has a range of 350 km, with the military saying the weapon system would give the country "greater strategic stand-off capability" on land and at sea.

The air-launched cruise missile, which can carry a nuclear or a conventional warhead, was tested at an undisclosed location.

The Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) said the test was successful.

"This missile system has enabled Pakistan to achieve a greater strategic stand-off capability on land and at sea," said a statement issued by the ISPR.

"The missile test was conducted as part of the continuous process of improving the technical parameters of the weapon system," it said.

The Raad missile, which was first tested in August 2007, was developed exclusively for launch from combat aircraft.

The Raad, meaning thunder in Arabic, has stealth capabilities and is a "low-altitude, terrain hugging missile with high manoeuvrability" that can "deliver nuclear and conventional warheads with great pin-point accuracy".


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