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Pak Navy's unmanned surveillance aircraft crashes

An unrelated photo of a Pakistani UAV

KARACHI (PTI): An unmanned surveillance aircraft of the Pakistani navy crashed into an oil refinery and burst into flames following a bird hit here Tuesday, though there were no casualties or damage to property on the ground.

The drone crashed into the National Refinery in Korangi area of Karachi. The aircraft was seen flying at a low altitude before it crashed, witnesses said.

The drone was on a routine surveillance flight when it crashed after hitting a bird; naval officials were quoted as saying by TV news channels.

The aircraft burst into flames after hitting the ground but the fire was extinguished after a short while.

A naval spokesman confirmed the crash of the unmanned aerial vehicle and said such aircraft were used for photography and surveillance.

There were no reports of casualties or damage to property on the ground.

Police and security forces cordoned off the area and prevented people and the media from approaching the refinery.

The Pakistan navy has increased aerial monitoring of Karachi after terrorists attacked the navy's main airbase in Pakistan's largest city in May.

Ten security personnel were killed and two maritime surveillance aircraft destroyed in that attack.


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