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Pak Navy tests missiles during maritime drill

A file photo.

ISLAMABAD (BNS): The Pakistan Navy has test fired a series of surface-to-air missiles as part of an annual maritime exercise.

The missiles have been tested during the ongoing Seaspark 12 exercise to assess the Navy's air defence capabilities, the official APP news agency reported.

The "combination of missiles", test launched on September 29 in the Makran coastal Area, precisely hit the target, the report said quoting a Navy statement.

Pakistani Navy Chief Admiral M. Asif Sandila witnessed the test firing along with other naval officials.

The Navy began the Seaspark 12 exercise on Sept 17 in waters off the port city of Karachi to enhance its operational preparedness. All operational ships of the navy, submarines, aircraft, marine forces and establishments on shore are taking part in the drill.

Support units of the Army and Air Force have also joined the exercise.


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