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PM to launch N-powered submarine on 26 July

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NEW DELHI (BNS): Prime Minister Manmohan Singh will launch India’s first indigenous nuclear-powered submarine at Vishakapatnam for trial on July 26.

Top defence and Navy officials will participate in the programme, as per media reports.

Code-named Advanced Technology Vessel (ATV), India has been quite secretive about its nuclear submarine project.

To be christened INS Arihant (destroyer of enemies), the nuclear submarine is among the five in the class already approved by the government to create a strong nuclear submarine fleet.

The sea trial of the 7,000-tonne submarine will be conducted in the Bay of Bengal off Vishakapatnam, where the vessel was constructed.

Once inducted, India will join the high league comprising US, Russia, France and China, which have capabilities to develop nuclear submarines.

The nuclear submarine will give India a credible three-leg nuclear deterrent.

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