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PAF Boeing sold for Rs 8.4 mn without auction: audit

ISLAMABAD (PTI): A VVIP Boeing 707 of the Pakistan Air Force was sold to a private individual for just Rs 8.4 million without an auction, a government audit report has said.

The sale, which took place in 2008, was not in consultation with the Finance Division, Geo News reported.

The aircraft was sold to a private individual without an auction, the audit report by the Ministry of Defence said.

Documents provided by Pakistan Air Force stated that the Boeing 707 was in good condition.

Neither the book value nor the purchase price of the plane was provided for the audit, the report said.

According to Air Force officials, the case was reviewed in the Air Headquarters before the aircraft deal and it was suggested to the Lahore Air Force base that the aircraft should be auctioned.

The audit calls for the Ministry of Defence to probe the sale of the plane and hold those responsible accountable, the report said.


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