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PAC-3 missile system: 'hit-to-kill'

Patriot Advanced Capability-3 (PAC-3) is a high/medium advanced surface-to-air guided missile air defence system that builds upon the existing Patriot air defense infrastructure. The PAC program was begun in 1986 to develop a series of significant upgrades to the Patriot system.

PAC-3 Missile is an advanced, capable and powerful air defense missile. It has an advanced defence systems against enemies aircrafts, tactical ballistic missiles (TBMs), and cruise missiles. The PAC-3 air defence missile has the power to protect the war fighter in their defining moments.

The PAC-3 system consists of four main components: radar, a command center, a launcher, and the interceptor missiles themselves. In a typical wartime scenario, the PAC-3 radar scans the skies with its overlapping beams, paying close attention to the horizon. Once a target has been detected, the radar immediately determines the speed, altitude, heading, and origin of the threat, and communicates this information via computer to the command center.

The PAC-3 Missile was selected as the primary interceptor for the multi-national Medium Extended Air Defense System (MEADS). Managed by the NATO MEADS Management Agency (NAMEADSMA), MEADS is a model transatlantic development program focused on the next generation of air and missile defense.


Type: Single-stage, short-range, low-to high-altitude

Length: 5.2 m

Diameter: 25 cm

Wingspan: 50 cm

Launch Weight: 312 kg

Propulsion: Single-stage solid propellant rocket motor with special attitude-control mechanism for in-flight maneuvering

Guidance: Inertial/Active millimeter-wave radam terminal homing

Warhead: hit-to-kill +lethality enhancer 73 kg HE blast/fragmentation with proximity fuze]

Max speed: Mach 5

Max range: 15 km

Min range: --

Max attitude: 15 km

Launcher: Eight-round Mobile trainable semi-trailer

Manufacturer: Lockheed Martin Vought Systems

          Federation of American Scientists (FAS)
          Lockheed Martin

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