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Operational success delivers further orders for DM Brimstone

Photo by MBDA.

PARIS (BNS): The outstanding and unique capabilities of Dual Mode Brimstone (DM Brimstone), as the strike weapon of choice for the Royal Air Force (RAF), have resulted in an additional order for MBDA from UK's  Ministry of Defence.

A first contract for additional DM Brimstones was placed on MBDA in December last year to replenish the original UOR stock.

According to MBDA, the onset of operations in Libya and ongoing operations in Afghanistan saw increasing demand for the established DM Brimstone inventory.

MBDA’s Lostock and Henlow facilities and their employees demonstrated flexibility and dedication to supply the Royal Air Force, and prove the military value of an indigenous industrial base developing for, and supporting, the UK Armed Forces.

The companies UK production facilities started deliveries four months earlier and with 50% greater throughput than in the contract plan.

In addition, throughput of missiles returned back to the operational theatres saw deliveries three times more than was planned in the same timeframe. MBDA said.

DM Brimstone has been used successfully against a variety of different targets in support of Operation ELLAMY and Operation HERRICK. Key targets have included Main Battle Tanks, Armoured Fighting Vehicles, Pickup Trucks with Rocket Launchers and Coastal Radar Antenna.

The Brimstone Air-to-Ground Precision Attack weapon is the principal anti-armour weapon for the UK Royal Air Force (RAF) with the Dual Mode variant being ideally suited in the Close Air Support (CAS) and Counter Insurgency (COIN) roles.

Dual Mode BRIMSTONE is a precision low collateral damage weapon with a man-in-the loop capability to defeat a wide range of static and fast moving targets in restrictive rules of engagement. It is in-service on Tornado GR4/4A and is a candidate for integration on the RAF’s Eurofighter Typhoon and F-35 JCA aircraft.


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