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Oman orders eight C295 aircraft

C295 aircraft. An Airbus Military photo

MADRID (BNS): The Royal Air Force of Oman (RAFO) has signed a contract with Airbus Military to acquire eight C295 tactical aircraft.

The contract, signed on Monday, makes provision for five C295s in tactical transport configuration and the remaining three as maritime patrol aircraft (MPA), Airbus Military, a subsidiary of European conglomerate EADS, said without providing any financial details of the deal.

Delivery of the aircraft will begin from 2013.

The new aircraft will improve tactical transport capability of the RAFO in hot and dusty conditions, and will also enhance Oman's ability to patrol its territorial waters and to conduct missions against piracy, illegal immigration and smuggling, the company said.

Oman becomes the first country of the Gulf Cooperation Council to order the C295.

The latest order has brought the total number of C295s ordered so far to 108, with 85 currently in operation with 13 countries, the Madrid-based company said.


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